Sunday, February 27, 2011

Attention ARTISTS!!!

Still having a few empty spots for this year, so don't wait. Contact me if you need recording, mixing or mastering!



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anima - NOW on SMP Music for FREE!!!

 Anima got published by SMP and is available for download following the link below.
Check em out:

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Monument - NOW on SMP Music for FREE!!!

Evolved Self Projection, a long-awaited EP of the Banjaluka modern Death Metal band Monument is the second album published under the SMP Music label, and is now available for free download from their site.

The material was recorded in Banja Luka (Home Studio Belaj and Studio 4), mixing, mastering and production signed by me (Chainroom Studio, Senta). Walter Cyan (Shaded Factory Media) was in charge of the cover design.

The EP track list:
1. Intro
2. I Am the Archetype
3. Archaic Genetic
4. Evolved Self Projection
5. Slow-Motion Reprisal
6. Blindfold

Monument was established in 2003. under the name of Arise. With the name change, comes a change in style, and the band tilted towards modern death metal from the original thrash death metal style they were into. Monument has been confirmed as the deadly live metal machinery, they provide reasonably good audience in the region, and in particular should be pointed out performances with Vader and Behemoth in Croatia, as well as the Exit Festival 2009. The band members are now Ognjen Bogdanovic on vocals, guitarist Igor Dragelj and Dejan Savic, Ognjen Topic bassist and drummer George Stanivuković.

> Click here for FREE LEGAL DOWNLOAD from SMP Music <

Check em out:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lenorestate - poppin' rock

Lenorestate is a band from Belgrade I first heard about from my friend Ivan ( Chainsaw Studio / Ciklon Club ) while he was recording the album for his band Fullerg in our studio with my brother. When he played me one track of this band he recorded I instantly said: "I'll mix it!"
I pretty much liked the vibe this band has, since it's not metal, not some hard rock etc but it's still just enough heavy for me to like it. The material was recorded at Chainsaw Studio Belgrade and I don't know what hardware was used exactly so I won't write about that. I can say I reamped the guitars and bass, the rest was mixed normally. You can check out the tunes in the player below, and click LIKE if you fancy what you hear.

You should check this band here:

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Otvoreni Prelom - PUNK!

Otvoreni Prelom is a Punk band from Senta, Serbia. I first heard these guys 2 or 3 years ago in a club and I was shocked. Pure Punk, that was it! The last time I heard them was when we played together on a mini festival in Senta where my brother was doing sound and recording for all the performers. When I heard them here, I must admit, I couldn't wait for them to play the song titled "Jebi Me" cos it's my personal favorite. Strong language is their trademark! The lyrics are sick, and this band is just like a punk band should be. The recorded material was handed to me by my brother and I started mixing it. I wanted to keep the live feeling of it all so I suggested we don't cut the parts between the songs cos this is Punk and it's gotta have the ambient of the performance, but I wanted more metal like drums, just so it can stand out. There was no editing done cos that wouldn't be true to the Punk genre so it actually reflect the whole experience. You can legally download the material following the link bellow.

Check em out on:

FREE legal download of their CD Live @ Zeppelin 2010: (packed in a self-extracting .exe installer file)

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