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I am a vocalist in my current band Tiarah. The band was formed by Szebasztian Szabo and me in the year 2005 in our hometown. We met in one of the smallest bars in town we used to go to, we both realized our musical tastes are similar and we decided to jam. The first song titled “My Time” was born and recorded. A song titled “Sorry” followed up after a month or so and the idea of a band was born. The band was formed and Ujhazi Tamas - bass, Marki Daniel - guitar and Nagy Horti Tamas - drums were recruited. After a few rehearsals more and more songs like “True Blue” and “Frozen” were written.The firs gig took place March 26th 2005 in the very same bar we met in our hometown and it brought a new thing into the lives of all band members. As the majority in the band wanted to grow, the first one to leave them was the drummer and was replaced by Endre Szabo (Nevergreen, ex-Green Division, Tequila Sunrise, Quant of E). Two years later Szebasztian left the country and the band. He was temporarily replaced by Zoltan Basity (In Her Embrace) until Lenard Norbert teamed up with Tiarah to remain a full time member of the band. The first demo had 5 songs and later a few more were added. A video for the song titled “Silence” was recorded. From 2007 to 2009 the band wrote more than 20 songs they were performing in 2 hour shows everywhere. In 2010 the first album containing 12 new songs was recorded and a new album recording is scheduled for February 2011.

Marjan - Vocals
Marky - Guitar
Laney - Guitar
Newman - Bass
Orko - Drums


Right after I started Tiarah and I uploaded one or two songs on some sites, some dudes contacted me and asked if I`d like to sing in their band. I told them to send me the demos so I can hear them and the moment I got my hands on it I was amazed. The songs were killer, massive guitars tuned to A on a Rectifier. I was pleased to hear that. So I did a demo and they liked it and I decided to work with them. I don't really know who started this band but I remember the people I met back then. Sale on drumz, Darko on Bass, Ivan on one and Vuk on the other guitar. Later Vuk left the band but we realized we don't need another guitar player so we carried on like this. (Later Vuk joined Decontrolled and he is a member since) As time passed we wanted to make an album so Ivan, Darko and Sale had to record the material so I can lay down vocals and mix the thing. As we completed the material and the band was progressing Sale left the band and Matija came to be the drummer. He wasn't the only new member of Fadelow as we agreed that a DJ could be great for us since the sound we're after is modern and so Ivan and Darko recruited DJ Flip. He filled up the old songs and gave a distinct shine to the new ones.

Marjan - Vocals
Ivan - Guitar
Darko - Bass
Flip - DJ
Matija - Drums


Draconic’s musical journey began in 2003 as a project of keyboardist Branislav Stankovic, who with the help of studio musicians from some of Serbia’s most prominent metal bands, recorded an album entitled “Conflux.”
The record was released in 2004 by local label Rock Express Records. With intentions of turning the Draconic studio project into an actual working band, Stankovic enlisted musicians from Belgrade’s local metal scene, two of which were guitarist Vanja Dusan Andrijasevic and bassist David Lazar Galic. Once the promotion of “Conflux” had ended and the band began working on new material as a group, it became glaringly obvious that the new line-up had no interest in continuing to write music in the symphonic black metal style of the debut. Draconic spent the next several years honing their craft live and in the studio, writing and demoing new music, and searching for the right musicians to complete the new line-up. Then I met the guitarist Vanja and after he saw a few of my rehearsals with Tiarah and consulting with Lazar, they asked me to sing for them. I liked the music so I accepted the offer. The music Draconic embody today is an amalgam of metal styles bridging the gap between old school and new—a monstrously heavy and layered slab of modern progressive metal. The band creates music that puts lessons learned from the past into a modern context, providing the listener with metal that is both impressive and futuristic, but also sincere and rooted in tradition. Draconic graft together Pantera and Megadeth’s quest for the perfect riff with melodic influences ranging from Rush to Soilwork, wailing solos and atmospheric keyboards inspired by Dream Theater and Faith no More with the abrasiveness of Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad and Emperor. All this is wrapped in a tight package through concise, catchy songwriting and memorable melodies. The band inked a deal in late 2008 with Austrian metal label Noisehead Records, who will release “From the Wrong Side of the Aperture” worldwide on April 3, 2009.


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